Jon Mills

Upcoming Events

Apsley Autumn Studio Tour, Coe Hill, Ontario; September 18 & 19, 2010

Ya Ya Gallery, Bancroft, Ontario; July 2 - August 6, 2010:
Solo Exhibit


In this postmodern age, where the eclipse of the individuated self and subjectivity gives way to the disenfranchisement of art, we still nevertheless pine for universal appeals to truth, meaning, morality, existential purpose, fulfillment, and spirituality. We live in a world deeply entrenched in trauma and death to the point that humanity is both the product and creation of its own pathos. In this series of images lies the cosmic, the particular, the ridiculous––other banalities.

Art Publications

My artwork and biography have appeared in the following print and online publications:

Mystical Voices, Bancroft, Ontario; September Issue, 2010

The Extra: Bancroft This Week, Bancroft, Ontario; July 16, 2010 (front page story)

Bancroft Times, Bancroft, Ontario; July 23, 2010 (front page story)

Other/Wise, Online Journal of the International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education, Vol. 3, Spring Issue, 2010

SUNY Press, Fall Issue, 2002 (front cover of catalogue)