Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis

My approach to treatment is characterized by interpersonal warmth, sensitive listening, validation, and interpretive insight. Because much of our problems or dissatisfactions in life are determined and sustained by forces outside of our awareness, people come to understand the main causes of their difficulties by being listened to attentively, with compassion and empathy, offered thoughtful reflection and insight, and guided toward uncovering aspects of themselves they were not previously conscious of. Rather than offering band-aid or quick-fix solutions to enduring problems, people begin to identify the core of their difficulties within a therapeutic relationship where personal obstacles may be transcended. Meaning is discovered and generated through mutual dialogue.

I offer brief and long-term psychotherapy and individual psychoanalysis. Treatment is tailored around the unique needs, conflicts, and dynamics of each person and is designed to meet specific goals and expectations. Because all forms of discontent, psychological problems, or unhappiness necessarily involve or have been caused by other people, therapy creates opportunities for interpersonal healing, internal connections, insight, and integrations while allowing for an expansion of the emotional bonds people seek but lack. The power of emotional transformation and conceptual integration within a supportive, caring, and empathic environment allow for a broader and more vibrant range of internal experiences and expressions that make people feel more alive.